Acoustical Wood Collection

Adding acoustic wood finishes to a project makes an immediate visual and acoustical impact. Control reverberation and enhance performances with absorbers and diffusers, in a variety of patterns and finishes.


  • Alto: Linear-grooved openings add a refined look.
  • Sereno: Designs featuring a variety of symmetrical hole patterns.
  • Picado: Micro-perforated holes in the veneer surface allow sound absorption and create a solid wood appearance.
  • TAD Revealed: Acoustically-randomized openings for optimal low and mid-frequency absorption.


  • Ovation Reflectors: Acoustic reflectors provide clarity in large venues by evenly dispersing sound and controlling late reflections.
  • MidTones: Disperse middle frequencies with deeper wells, in solid wood finishes.
  • ScatterBox: Two-dimensional diffusers with random well depths.
  • HighTones: Diffuse high-frequency sound, in solid wood finishes.