QuietMod™ Modular Panel Systems

Pre-engineered Modular Solutions to Noise Problems
Noise Barriers' "QuietMod" pre-engineered panel system includes wall and ceiling panels, doors, windows, and silenced ventilation systems. Isolated floors, access panels, removable wall and ceiling panels are also available when necessary. All materials are acoustically rated by independent testing laboratories to ensure the appropriate noise reduction for every application.

Noise Barriers' technical support personnel and representatives have the experience necessary to assist you in the design, supply, and installation of your noise control solution.

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The Noise Barriers Modular System

  • Guaranteed acoustical performance (single source responsibility)
  • Easy and quick to install, move, or reconfigure
  • Standard components-custom solutions
  • No construction mess
  • Tax benefits
  • Can be used as a barrier wall
  • Can be used as a two- or three-sided enclosure tied into existing building walls
  • Can be used as a four- sided enclosure
  • All design configurations available with or without roof
  • System flexibility permits angled walls
  • Isolated floors are available
  • Silenced ventilation systems are designed to meet your specific requirement
  • Enclosures can be relocated or reconfigured at a later date
  • System flexibility permits angled walls
  • Pre-engineered modular system "kit" includes all components necessary to complete your noise control solution
  • All materials are non-combustible
  • Panels and connectors are constructed of A60 "paint- ready" Galvanneal steel
  • G90 spangled galvanized construction is available
  • Prime painting or finish polyester powder coat paint available in a wide selection of colors