QuietSpace™ Pre-Assembled Enclosures

Product Features

  • Custom Layouts and Features w/ Standard Components
  • Unlimited Size and Configuration
  • Expandable & Portable

Pre-Assembled Enclosures  - Optional Features

  • Floor: Steel or aluminum diamond plate, vinyl tile, or a raised access floor
  • Wall or Roof: Includes your choice of 16 or 12 gauge solid skin, carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel or special bullet-resistant construction
  • Insulated Panel Construction: 4” thick with removable wall sections available
  • Doors: Single-leaf, double-leaf or pocket sliding... with or without windows
  • Ceiling: 22 gauge perforated metal or lay-in grid system
  • Windows: Double-glazed safety glass, wire glass, polycarbonate, or bullet-resistant glass may be straight or sloped
  • Electrical Options: Electrical and lighting systems designed to meet your requirements
  • HVAC System: Water-cooled or air-cooled wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted air conditioners and floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted heaters
  • Plumbing: Available as required
  • Surface Finish: Finish painted in the color of your choice
  • Thermal Value: R-14 or higher
  • Weatherproofing: Available as required
  • Acoustic Performance: STC 40-56, higher if necessary